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This site is under development and currently in alpha stage.

The content on the site, including text, images, and other content will be modified if and when needed.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. You can leave public feedback on the site forum, or send your feedback privately using the contact form. Thank you.

Welcome to adventure! is a site dedicated to a computer game genre known as "adventure games". On this site you will find reviews, walkthroughs, and articles related to this fantastic genre.

Currently the site is in alpha stage, meaning there is not that much content as many things are being tested out. More content will be added on monthly basis.

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 Monthly adventure game screenshot

Monthly adventure game screenshot.Monthly adventure game screenshot.

April 2019: The iconic murder scene from "The Detective Game".

  • Monthly adventure game screenshot is a screenshot taken from an adventure game that is chosen once every month. The criteria for chosen screenshots is one or several of the following:
    • screenshot is visually or artistically top-class
    • screenshot is showing a scene that is captivating, intriguing, funny, or dramatic
    • screenshot has historical importance or is widely recognised within adventure genre
    • screenshot has some other qualities, even controversial, that make it stand out from ordinary screenshots.
  • The next screenshot will be published next month.