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Monthly screenshots

Monthly adventure game screenshot

Monthly adventure game screenshot is a screenshot taken from an adventure game that is chosen once every month. The criteria for chosen screenshots is one or several of the following:

  • screenshot is visually or artistically top-class
  • screenshot is showing a scene that is captivating, intriguing, funny, or dramatic
  • screenshot has historical importance or is widely recognised within adventure genre
  • screenshot has some other qualities, even controversial, that make it stand out from ordinary screenshots.


Monthly adventure game screenshot.Monthly adventure game screenshot.

 January 2016: The title screen of "The Secret of Monkey Island". This image is one of the most recognisable scenes that almost every adventure game fan will easily recognise.


Monthly adventure game screenshot.Monthly adventure game screenshot.

February 2016: The intro text from "Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter". While Space Quest is one of the first major graphic adventure games, the introduction to the game is text-only, but the wording sets the characteristic mood for the game, and the series, that will follow.


Monthly adventure game screenshot.Monthly adventure game screenshot.

February 2017: A very disturbing but memorable scene from "Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today". This scene is iconic enough to be featured in the game's menu icons among other things.