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Bayou Island walkthrough

Bayou Island


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for Bayou Island.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.



- Take the superglue from the ground.
- Take the spade that is against the wall.
- Talk to mysterious merchant about everything. You will get a mallet.
- Go where X marks the spot and use the spade to dig. You will get a treasure chest.
- Open the chest to get a pirate coin.
- Use the superglue with the doormat at the bar entrance.
- Give the pirate coin to Carlos the merchant. You will automatically play the strong man game next to merchant by using the mallet on it.
- After the bouncer comes out and gets stuck, walk into the bar.

- Talk to Sophia the bartender about everything. Keep asking for a free drink until she gives you The Princess Alcoholic drink.
- Use the drink on the drunk man three times.
- Take the trumpet from the floor.
- Exit through the backdoor that is next to the fireplace.

- Walk a bit left and enter the Day of the Dead store.
- Talk to George the shopkeeper about everything.
- Use the trumpet to play it.
- Take the book on the table.
- Leave the shop and go back to the bar.

- Look at the book in the inventory and you will find a blank piece of paper that will replace the book in the inventory.
- Use the blank piece of paper on fireplace.
- The piece of paper turns out to be an invoice, which is how it will appear in the inventory from now on.
- Go back to the Day of the Dead store.

- Enter through the backdoor to get into a warehouse. Watch the cutscene, after which all your inventory items are gone.
- Look at the grandfather clock carefully.
- Walk a bit further and study the boat carefully.
- Move the rug to find a trap door. Open the trap door and walk into basement.
- Take the radio playing spooky whispers from the wall.
- Open the closed fusebox.
- Take the chewing gum from the table.
- Go upstairs and exit through the door that has the number 1825 above it.

- When outside, walk a bit further right, and enter Tiki bar.
- Talk to waiter about everything. Keep talking until new dialogue options appear, the goal is to get him to leave. When you see a dialogue option about Richard Branson, choose that and the waiter will quit his job.
- Take the broken bowl from the floor.
- Take the hamster picture that is on the wall.
- Try to leave the bar, but you will hear the phone ringing. Answer the phone call, and pay close attention to what is being said.
- Leave the bar and go to the path that leads to graveyard.

- Talk to Wrestler that is standing on the Graveyard Hill gate about everything.
- Give the hamster picture to him to get to enter the graveyard.
- Inside the graveyard gates, walk to the bell hop and talk about everything.
- Check the fusebox on the side of the building, it has a combination lock that needs six digits to open it. Combine previous hints to form a sequence, and then open the fusebox.
- If you can't figure it out, you first get 27 from the phonecall, and you saw earlier the clock with wrong time which was 10 o'clock. As it was an analogue clock, think about the arm positions, they were 10 and 12. So altogether the sequence is 2-7-1-0-1-2.

The right combination.The right combination.
- Once the fusebox is open, you will get a working fuse.
- Use the radio playing spooky whispers to get rid of the bell hop, and pick up the electric screwdriver that he drops.
- Go back to the square with fountain between warehouse backdoor and Tiki bar.

- Use chewing gum to make it sticky and get chewed up gum.
- Fix the broken bowl with chewing gum to get bowl glued together with chewing gum.
- Use the bowl glued together with chewing gum on the fountain to get bowl filled with cold water.
- Go back to the basement.
- Use the working fuse on the fusebox.
- Open the microwave and use the bowl filled with cold water on microwave over to get a bowl filled with hot water.
- Go upstairs and use the bowl filled with hot water on the boat in a crate. This will trigger a cutscene, watch it and you end up outside near a bridge. Look at the electro magnetic crane.

- Return to the warehouse. Go to the right side of the door and look at the dummy with a diamond necklace. Take the diamond necklace.
- Go outside and in front of the hardware store. Use the diamond necklace on the electric screwdriver to make an electric screwdriver with a diamond drill.
- Use electric screwdriver with a diamond drill on window.
- Take a vehicle battery.
- Use the vehicle battery on the electro magnetic crane. Watch the cutscene.

The game is finished!The game is finished!