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Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure walkthrough

Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.



- Take the drumsticks.
- Give drumsticks to Smokey.
- Talk to Jamar, try to find dialogue options that make him feel less nervous. Simply going through all dialogue options will accomplish this.
- Talk to Smokey about fixing the microphone.
- Take the bell from the floor.
- Use the bell in the inventory to get bell clapper and bell cup.
- Use the bell clapper on the bell cup to get gum.
- Use gum on microphone.
- Look at spotlight.
- Go to inspiration menu and use light on audience.

- Go through the dialogue with Demonde, choosing any option will provide same result.
- Take the yearbook from the ground.
- Take a rock from the ground.
- Take the rope from the tree.
- Exit left to old man's house.

- Use rock on rope.
- Use the rock and rope on hook.
- Look at window and then peek through window (in other words, click twice there, but the description will change).
- Look at hole in the middle of the room.

Location of the hole.Location of the hole.
- Go outside and knock on the door. Talk to Thelma. This is the tricky part: you need to go through all dialogues with Thelma, but every time one option is finished, she closes the door. You must keep on knocking and restarting the conversation until all options are cleared.
- After that, talk to Smokey and ask him to talk to Thelma.
- Smokey is too shy, and needs inspiration. Pick up a passion fruit next to the house. Eat the passion fruit. Use passion inspiration on Smokey. Ask him to talk to Thelma again.
- Crawl under the house.
- After Thelma catches you redhanded, show yearbook to Thelma.

- Return to where the gang is hanging out. Check the phonebook for an address.
- Go back to old man's house and talk to Thelma, tell that you have found out the address.