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Clotilde Soffritti in Never Buy a Used Spaceship walkthrough

Clotilde Soffritti in Never Buy a Used Spaceship


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for Clotilde Soffritti in Never Buy a Used Spaceship.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.



- Try to open the door to the bridge.
- Try to open the broken door to the toilet.
- Take the box from the closet.
- Use the multi-tool on the box to open it. A book will appear in the inventory.
- Read the book. A photograph that is in the book will appear in the inventory.

Photograph showing previous owner.Photograph showing previous owner.
- Look at the photograph.

- Take golf balls from the closet.
- Take a helmet that is in the foreground.
- Use the multi-tool on the panel that is next to the toilet door.
- Take the battery.
- Use the food producer. Choose Martian slug dripping to get food.
- Use the food producer again. Choose caeraleus soda to get drink.

- Use the drink on the helmet to get a painted helmet.
- Try to use the golf balls on the painted helmet.
- Put the battery in the toilet sink.
- Use food on the battery.
- Use golf balls on the battery to get sticky golf balls.
- Use sticky golf balls on the painted helmet to get blue helmet with golf balls.
- Show blue helmet with golf balls to the camera.
- Go through the exit that opens.

- Use the ship's computer. The goal here is to enter the correct code to operate the ship. The correct code can be deduced by reading the poem that the previous captain wrote in his book.
- If you cant figure it out, the correct code sequence is: violet, red, blue, black, yellow, white.
- Watch the cutscene and credits.

The game is finished!The game is finished!