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The Detective Game walkthrough

The Detective Game


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for The Detective Game.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.



- Follow Bentley the Butler to your room.
- Take padded envelopes from the drawer.
- Go very quickly to major's room, which is the second door to the left from your room.
- Take blank bullets from the drawer.
- Follow Bentley to his room. He has probably already left, but you can catch him up because you walk faster than NPC's.
- When Bentley opens the door to his room, go inside. If you miss timing here, and do not catch Bentley, you can enter the room later on, when Bentley visits it again.
- Check the closet and take the jacket.
- Take the bunch of keys from the jacket, and put the jacket back in the closet.
- Leave the room, if Bentley has locked the door again, use the bunch of keys to open the door.

- Go to the locked door that is next to the left.
- Use the bunch of keys to open the door. Enter the study room.
- Take bullets from the desk drawer.
- Put blank bullets in the desk drawer.
- Take the paperweight from the desk drawer. You can leave the bunch of keys in the desk drawer.
- Exit the study room, and walk all the way to the left and enter the door leading to kitchen.

- Search the cupboards to find a silver tray, take it.
- Look at the silver tray to find a date written on it. Memorise the date, and put the silver tray back.
- Walk to the left side of the kitchen. Search the half-open wooden box and take a hammer.
- Use the hammer to break the paperweight, you will find a big iron key.
- Put the hammer back and leave the kitchen.
- Go back upstairs to the corridor where reverend's, Cynthia's, doctor's, and Dingle's rooms are.
- Either wait for the doctor to tell that Dingle has been strangled, or go to the room to find out yourself. There's even a chance that you are in the room simultaneously when the doctor discovers him.

- Search the body to find a cravate.
- Look at the cravate.
- Put the cravate in the padded envelopes as evidence.
- Search the body to find a small key.
- Take a briefcase from the drawer.
- Use the small key to open the briefcase. Once it is opened, you can drop the small key.
- Take a note from the briefcase. Read the note. You can drop the briefcase.
- Put the note in the padded envelopes as evidence.

- Go back downstairs to the corridor where the kitchen was. Enter the door opposite to kitchen in the south to enter the drawing room.
- Go to the picture that is hanging on the wall, and take the picture. This will reveal a safe.
- Try to open the safe, and you will be asked for a combination. Remember the inscription on the silver tray, "To Angus McFungus, born 21 March 1919", and enter a combination based on that.
- If you can't figure it out, the correct combination is: 210319.

The correct combination.The correct combination.
- Take the will from the safe. Read the will.
- Put the will in the padded envelopes as evidence.
- Put the picture back on the wall.

- Keep exploring downstairs, until at some point there will be a message: "You hear a scream ..followed by a loud crash!"
- Go the hall to find another body.
- Go upstairs and enter the doctor's room.
- Take the black bag from the desk drawer.
- Take a small bottle from from the black bag.
- Look at the small bottle.
- Put the small bottle in the padded envelopes as evidence.
- Take a wad of notes from from the black bag.
- Look at the wad of notes.
- Put the wad of notes in the padded envelopes as evidence. You can drop the black bag.

- Go to the corridor where your room is located, and go the locked door at the left.
- Use big iron key to unlock the door, and then enter professor's room.
- Take a small book from from the black bag.
- Read the small book. You can drop the big iron key.
- Go to your room.
- Check the bed to find a bomb. Take the bomb.
- Put the bomb in the padded envelopes as evidence.

- Keep exploring until you get a message: "You hear a rather unpleasant, gasping scream from downstairs!"
- Go through the drawing room to a room with no description, which has a grandfather clock and a dead body.
- Go to the library, which is the adjacent room to the drawing room.
- Talk to the professor and ask about an object you found in his room, the small book. If the professor is not in the library room, where he is most of the time, he is walking back and forth in the corridor.
- Search the library shelfs for the book that he mentioned. The correct spelling for the book is "101 Detective Stories". If you don't find it in the shelf, check the spelling, and try another shelf in the library. Eventually you will get a hardback book.

Finding the book.Finding the book.
- When you find the hardback book, open it to find a folded document. You can drop both books to the bookshelf.
- Read the folded document.
- Put the folded document in the padded envelopes as evidence.

- Leave the library and go to the next door that leads south.
- In that corridor, enter the first room, which is the cook's room. If the door is locked, wait for someone to open it.
- Search the bed to find a knife.
- Look at the knife.
- Put the knife in the padded envelopes as evidence.
- Go to the next room right, which is Gabriel's room to find another body. If there's no body, walk around the house and wait a while. There won't be any announcement of the body, so check back after a while.
- Search the body to find a syringe.
- Look at the syringe.
- Put the syringe in the padded envelopes as evidence.
- Search the body to find a locket.
- Look at the locket.

- Leave the room and go to the kitchen.
- Study the southern side wall in the kitchen by using the magnifying glass icon. You should find a secret passage. The right place is approximately a little bit right from the microwave.

The secret passage.The secret passage.
- Enter the secret passage and keep walking until you come to the cellar.
- Go as far left as you can go where the boxes are.
- Search the boxes to find a screwdriver.
- Use the screwdriver with the locket to get an open locket.
- Look at the open locket.
- Put the open locket in the padded envelopes as evidence.

- Now there should be enough evidence to bust the guilty person, but before going after the murderer, go to the major's room upstairs.
- Search the bed to get an elephant gun.
- Use the handcuffs icon to indicate the guilty person. In case you didn't figure it out, Dingle did it.
- You will be automatically brought face-to-face with him. If you swapped the bullets earlier, he tries to kill you, but will fire blanks, and tries to escape immediately.
- You only have a couple of seconds to react, so immediately use the elephant gun (the gun action icon) to arrest him.

The game is finished!The game is finished!





There are ways to die in The Detective Game. Some players want to explore these. For this game, here is a list of deaths. Note, this list may not be complete.

 Drink poison from the doctor's small bottle.Drink poison from the doctor's small bottle. Drink poison from the doctor's small bottle.
 Open the bomb.Open the bomb. Open the bomb.
 Don't switch blank bullets with bullets and you will end up getting shot.Don't switch blank bullets with bullets and you will end up getting shot. Don't switch blank bullets with bullets and you will end up getting shot.
 Fail to solve the case in little over two hours and you will end up getting shot.Fail to solve the case in little over two hours and you will end up getting shot. Fail to solve the case in little over two hours and you will end up getting shot.