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Her Majesty's SPIFFING walkthrough

Her Majesty's SPIFFING walkthrough


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for Her Majesty's SPIFFING.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.




- Watch the opening cutscenes and you will end up aboard the spaceship "Imperialise 2". The game starts with an integrated tutorial, so follow the instructions given to see what needs to done.
- Exit the co-pilot seat and examine the backside of the seat. Interact with the tray to turn it in upright position. Doing so will reveal safety instructions, pick them up.
- Exit cockpit.
- There is a ship map on the wall of the corridor, if this is the first time you are exiting the cockpit, you may want to have a look at it, although it's not really required.

Upper deck map.Upper deck map.

- Go to the kitchen.



- Take English's mug and Aled's mug from the table.
- Equip both mugs one at the time, and use them with G.E.R.T.E.A. to get tea.
- Open the fridge and get some cheddar cheese.
- Take washy liquid from the kitchen sink.
- There are no other items you need from this room, although you may want to explore the area for laughs. At least opening the door on the left and interacting with the toaster can cause something funny to happen.
- Exit kitchen and go back to the cockpit.

- Get seated in the cockpit seat.
- Give Aled's mug to Sub-Lieutenant Jones.
- Pilot the ship while he is having his tea. Whatever you do doesn't affect the outcome, so just relax and LOL.



- You need something to replace the damaged controls. Exit cockpit and go back to the sitting room.
- Examine the tv set in front of the sofa. Take the controller.
- Examine the controller in the inventory and turn it around. You should see that it's lacking batteries.
- Enter bedroom (which was locked earlier, if you tried to enter it) and try to open the cupboard. It is locked, but batteries fall out, take them.
- Use batteries with the controller.
- Go a bit to the right and take yellow rubber glove from the sink.
- Exit and return to the cockpit.

- Get seated again and give controller to Jones.
- It was a good idea, but you need to find drivers for the controller, as WIFI can't be used in the cockpit.
- Return to the sitting room.
- Use the computer to find drivers.
- The computer won't let you save on the floppy disk so check the floppy drive. The disk has gotten stuck there and you need to get it out.
- Examine the safety instructions in the inventory. Turn them over to find a paper clip. Take it and use it with the floppy drive.
- A floppy disk pops out from the drive, take it.
- Examine the floppy disk in the inventory. Turn it around to see that it is write-protected. Pull the little piece of plastic to cover the small gap.
- Put the floppy disk back in the drive, use computer to download the drivers and take the floppy disk again.
- Leave this room and go back to the cockpit.
- Try to give the floppy disk to Jones. He's asleep so you need to wake him up first. Use English's mug on him. When he's awake, give him the floppy disk. That is taken care of, but now a new problem emerges, you need to reboot the ship's systems.



- Exit cockpit and go to the hatch that leads to a lower deck. Open the hatch. You need to go through the hatch, but you can't fit through.
- Use washy liquid on the hatch and then go through.
- On the lower deck, you can have a look at the ship map on the wall to see the layout.

Lower deck map.Lower deck map.

- Go into the airlock.
- If you examined the rubber glove before, you noticed that it's too small because you "have a bit more girth". You need to make the glove a bit more fitting. Use the rubber glove with the air compressor on the right. Turn on the air compressor.
- The rubber glove should be bigger now, so take it from the floor.
- Exit the airlock.

- Go to the engineering bay.
- Go down the ladder.
- There is a gate that is protected by 10,000 volts. Unfortunately the reboot switch is on the other side of the gate. Equip the rubber glove and then use it on the gate.
- Go inside the fenced area and hit the power switch. Watch what happens.
- Next to the fenced area is a toolbox. Search it to find a motorized screwdriver.
- Exit engineering bay.



- The reboot has been done so go back to the sitting area and talk with Sub-lieutenant Jones. There is a problem with the "Beagle Two Too" lander. You need to find a new motor for it.
- Give the German motorized screwdriver to Jones and he will fix the lander.
- You get to practise driving the lander before it is launched to the planet surface.



- Drive the lander around. It really doesn't matter where to, the outcome is eventually the same, you hit something and the lander is destroyed.



- "Imperialise 2" lands on the surface of the planet, you and Sub-lieutenant Jones exit the spaceship and start looking for the lander wreckage.
- Find the supply crate next to the spaceship and search its contents. Jones gets binoculars from the crate. Talk to him, and he will locate the wreckage and something else too.
- Climb down the ladder and start walking forward. There's only one direction to go, so you can't really get lost.
- Search shrubbery to find a trowel.
- Walk a bit further to find the French. Watch the cutscene and go through conversations.



- Go next to the French spaceship (Concorde?) and find the "Beagle Two Too" lander wreckage. Search the wreckage and take a rock.
- Return to your own spaceship to develop a plan to get rid of the French.
- Go to the bedroom and more specifically, to the toilet.
- Use trowel with the cat litter and you will find a metal detector.
- Go to the sitting room.
- Use metal detector on the sofa and you will find a purse.

- Go back to the lower deck and enter the lab. What you need to do here, is briefly described as getting a frog out of the frog tank. The sequence to accomplish that is the longest sequence in the game though.
- First, notice that there is a bicycle and a record that is in the gramophone next to it. Pedalling the bicycle makes the record play, and the music makes frogs either become active or passive.
- Take the record. Examine it to find out that one side has heavy metal (Toxic Dart) while the other side has lullabies (Lilypad Lullabies). Turn the record over so that the lullaby side is on top. Put the record back in the gramophone.
- Next use the bicycle. There is a gauge nearby. When the pointer is in the green zone, the pedalling speed is right. Going either faster or slower will make the record spin faster or slower, and outside the green zone the song will have no effect. Keep pedalling until the frogs in the frog tank have fallen asleep.
- After that, take the purse and use it with the frog tank. You will insert some coins into the machine.
- The frog tank is actually a UFO catcher game, and works like any other similar machine in amusement parks. First, you need to move the claw forward, and then to the left, trying to have it over a sleeping frog. When in the right place, hit the button to catch a frog. If you fail to catch a frog, position the claw differently next time.
- Take the frog from the prize drawer.

- Go to the airlock and return to the planet surface.
- Return to the French spaceship. Equip cheddar cheese and use cheese on Antoine.
- Now the cheese looks more delicious, so combine it with the frog.
- Use frog on Antoine and watch a short cutscene.



- The task is now to lower the French flag. The flag pole has electrical current running through it, so you must find a way to turn it off. First you need to enter the French spaceship. (This is actually confusingly tricky, because there is no hotspot on the ship. So unlike all the other doors in the game, you can't use the doorway to enter, you simply need to move Captain English so that he ends up in the French spaceship.)
- Inside the spaceship is a security system (washing machine) that is connected to the emergency stop switch.
- Throw the rock that should be in the inventory at the emergency stop switch. It stops the security system, but only for a moment.
- Next pick up the rock again and put it inside the security system (washing machine).
- Go outside and lower the flag. Watch cutscenes which end the game.