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The Librarian walkthrough

The Librarian


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for The Librarian.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.



- Light the candle next to bed.
- Talk to the Agent (owl) to read a note.
- Interact with the Agent again and pick up library key that falls.
- Go downstairs.
- Walk left and the open wardrobe.
- Wear librarian uniform and take the spirit dagger.
- Take the wine decanter that is next to the wardrobe.
- Go outside through the door on the left.

- Use the wine decanter on the puddle.
- After the creature has passed out, walk left to the main street, and keep walking until you reach the library.
- Try to open the library door with the key, which fails, and you will get a broken key.
- Walk a bit further left, and enter the library through a broken window.

- Walk as far left as you can, to find a hotspot labelled "?" in the bookshelf.
- Use the book from the inventory on "?".
- Walk back right to find a strange machine that has appeared in the bookshelf.
- Study the strange machine to find that it has a broken handle.
- Go near the window, and take a tree branch that is sticking out.
- Use the branch on the broken handle.
- Pull the handle.
- Go upstairs.

- Walk right to find a locked door, and a (dead?) former librarian. Notice the statues against the wall while walking.
- Examine the former librarian, and take the red lens from his pocket.
- Go upstairs through the open door.
- Examine the (dead?) student that is sitting near the door. Lift each of the skeleton fingers to find a symbol underneath.
- Go back downstairs, and press the buttons that are in the statues in the same order as symbols were, starting from the index finger going towards the pinky. (There is an audio cue to the puzzle, but it's a fake clue, the order is do-mi-sol-do regardless of the order in which the buttons are pushed.)
- If you can't figure it out, check the correct order from the picture:

The correct order.The correct order.
- When you get it right, one of the statues crumbles, and a sphere falls down. Unfortunately simultaneously a corroded soul gets loose.
- Use the spirit dagger on the corroded soul.
- Take the iron sphere.
- Go back upstairs.

- Walk left to find a lectern with a round socket.
- Use the iron sphere on the round socket.
- A book, 'Our Darkest Times' appears, read it.
- Something unexpected happens, but go upstairs.
- There are strange hotspots labelled as "?" on the wall, the red lens is flashing in the inventory. The goal here is to have the correct symbols in the right order. Each one of the is presenting one floor in the library, and you can find floors numbered with Roman numbers. Go through each floor, and use the red lens on the burning candles. A symbol will lit up on the wall. Take notes on which symbol is seen on which floor, and then enter them in the same order here.
- If you can't figure it out, check the correct order from the picture:

The correct order.The correct order.
- A ladder will fall down. Climb up the ladder.

- When you reach the top, walk right. Try to walk past the giant bird.
- After the bird screams, walk back right to find that the scream has shattered a glass door. Enter the corridor.
- There is a small bird labelled as "?" stuck in the wall. Examine it to find out it's a trapped baby crow. Pick it up (it won't appear in the inventory).
- Go back right to the giant bird, and give the baby bird to the giant bird.
- After they both leave, walk right and pick up the library key.
- Climb down the ladder.
- Watch the cutscene and credits.

The game is finished!The game is finished!