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Murder walkthrough



About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for Murder.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.



- Go through the tutorial (prologue) or skip it.
- Interact with the robot.
- Interact with the computer. Going through the files is optional, log off when you are ready to move on.
- Interact with the balcony door.

- Interact with the closet.
- Interact with the apartment door.
- Interact with the lift.
- Interact with the train track.
- Interact with the police chief.
- Interact with the forced door.
- Interact with the shot robot.

The End! (Or is it?)

- If you manage to trigger the alternate ending, the game will continue, and you will revisit earlier places. It is uncertain which exactly triggers the ending, but examining all optional hotspots should do it.
- Interact with the being on the station platform.
- Interact with the being on the street.
- Interact with the being in the corridor.
- Interact with the shot robot.

The game is finished!The game is finished!