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Outpost 13 walkthrough

Outpost 13


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for Outpost 13.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.



- Walk on the platform at right.
- In the dream sequence, walk to your owner.
- In another dream sequence, walk to your owner again.
- After encountering the evil spirit, answer either A or B to his question, the answer doesn't make any difference.
- In the dream sequence, walk to your owner once more.
- After the dream search remains to get a keycard (doesn't show in the inventory).
- Mix chemicals to start a fire.
- Exit through the door.

- You wake up in your (owner's) room. If you want, you can go out and around to get familiar with the outpost. There's not much to do as of yet, as it's day time and something needs to be done at night first.
- Click on the bed to save the game and advance time to evening.
- Click on the bed to save the game and advance time to night.
- Enter vent. The goal is to spy on other rooms to get vital clues, so examining things in detail is important now.
- Go to the first room in the upper row with a couple in it. Study the picture on the wall. Memorise the description. *Picture of Ashley and Gray Bishop* ~dated 1407-Saturnus, Saturn II
- Go to the second room in the upper row. Study the chart with letter on the wall, memorise it.
- Go to the last room in the upper row with a woman sleeping in it under an "I Want to Believe" poster. Wait until you hear her mumbling about monsters in her sleep.
- Go back to your room and save game and advance time to another day.

- Exit room and go down twice to a corridor with cafe and garage. Enter cafe.
- Wait until the woman comes out from another room and starts doing dishes, go through the door and unlock the food machine.
- Enter the code which you spied earlier, 1407. Activate the machine.
- Hide in the box next to the machine. When the android comes to fix the machine, leave the box and enter through the door at the right.
- Enter another box and wait. Watch the cutscene.

Cafe completed.Cafe completed.

- Leave the cafe. Walk a bit right and then down to enter a corridor with medical bay and science lab 2.
- Enter medical bay.
- Dig trash to find a vial of drug.
- Go back to the corridor where the garage is and enter the garage.
- Enter the vehicle that is being repaird and honk horn. Exit the vehicle before the man gets to you.
- Go to the wall where the man came from and drug coffee.
- After the man is done with, finish the other man by lowering the crane, the push button is on the wall. Watch the cutscene.

Garage completed.Garage completed.

- Exit the garage and go to science lab 2.
- First, tamper with the computer. If someone is using it when you enter, wait a while for it to become available.
- Next, tamper with the chemicals. The goal is to create a dangerous combination with a red and purple vials. Remember the chart that you saw on the wall earlier. Those are the solutions you need for this puzzle.
- Solution A: add H2SO4 to the red tube (turbidium), HCl and HNO3 to the green tube (imobatine), and last HNO3 and H2SO4 to the blue tube (solonite). Click mix, click done. Wait for a while and an explosion should occur. Watch the cutscene. Take the monster.
- Solution B: add HCl and H2SO4 to the red tube (turbidium), HNO3 to the green tube (imobatine), and nothing to the blue tube (solonite). Click mix, click done. Wait for a while and the woman should get gased. Kill the man. Watch the cutscene. Take the monster.
- NOTE! Solution B will make the science lab 2 completed, but the game overall becomes unwinnable. In case you want to play the game through, be sure to select solution A.

Lab 2 completed.Lab 2 completed.

- Enter medical bay.
- Release monster on the dark spot on the floor. If there's no such hotspot visible, you probably didn't spy on other rooms during night time. If that happens, go back to your room, go to bed until it's night again, and make sure you see the woman talk about monsters in her sleep and then come back during next day.
- When the woman is distracted, swap meds.  Watch the cutscene.

Medical completed.Medical completed.

- Exit medical bay. If everything was done right, you should be hearing your owner calling your name. Return to the corridor where your room is.
- You will meet your owner, a man appears and you will... get shot?!

The game is finished!The game is finished!





There are ways to die in Outpost 13. Some players want to explore these. For this game, here is a list of deaths. Note, this list may not be complete.

Getting killed by a flamethrower.Getting killed by a flamethrower. Have the suspension meter filled and then get caught and a guy with a flamethrower kills you.