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Pilot Brothers 2 walkthrough

Pilot Brothers 2 walkthrough


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for Pilot Brothers 2.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.



You can switch between Brother Chief (grey clothes) and Brother Collegue (green clothes) during gameplay.
This walkthrough is based on the international version of the game, but should be applicable to the Russian version as well.


- Start playing as Chief and pick up cheese.
- Pick up magazine.
- Pick up cutlass that is hanging above the counter.
- Pick up colander that is next to the knives.
- Put cheese on the counter. Finding the right place can be a bit tricky, as these are hidden hotspots. The right place is right under the ladle that is hanging next to the knives.
- Cut cheese with cutlass.
- Put the small piece of cheese right from the big piece of cheese.
- Put the magazine right from the small piece of cheese.
- Put the colander right from the magazine to form a trap, but leave a small space between the trap and magazine.
- Switch to Collegue and turn magazine pages to show rodents.
- Switch to Chief and ring the bell on the counter.
- Pick up the mouse in the trap.

Correct positions for items.Correct positions for items.


- As Chief, pull the cord.
- Use the projector.
- Put the mouse on the projector.
- Start changing the projected images by pushing the buttons on the projector. The goal is to get a whole picture to show. The right picture will be Sumo (the blue creature). Whenever Chief pushes a button, Collegue pushes another button. As each picture consists of top, middle, and bottom parts, in practise every time a button is pushed 2/3 parts of the image will change.
- Here's a breakdown of how the buttons work, and which parts of image will change. Top buttons: top, middle. Middle buttons: middle, bottom. Bottom buttons: bottom, top.
- After the criminal has been identified, Chief will automatically pick up his photograph.

Completed picture.Completed picture.


- As Chief, show photograph to watchman.
- Go inside the pub.


- As Collegue, search the barrel.
- Pick up coin from the floor.
- Switch to Chief, and use the coin with cashier.
- Pick up the bottle.
- Go right to the aggregate, the goal is to get exactly four litres of "beer" now.
- Use the bottle (3 litres) with the tap to fill it.
- Use the bottle with the can (5 litres) to fill it.
- Use the bottle again with the tap.
- Use the bottle again with the can.
- Take the can and empty it to the aggregate.
- Take the bottle and pour its content into the can.
- Use the bottle again with the tap.
- Use the bottle again with the can.
- Take the can, which should now hold exactly 4 litres.
- Use exit.


- As Chief, pick up the board in front of "kassa".
- Pick up the barrel from the corner.
- Use the board with the barrel.
- Step on the board and use telephone.
- Switch to Collegue and go through turnstiles.
- When the delivery guy is bringing a box to the station platform, hit the turnstiles to knock him down.
- Switch to Chief and pick up the box.


- The goal is to catch the train and board it.
- Use both Chief and Collegue on trolley to speed it up and catch the sleeping-car of the train.
- When Sumo starts throwing stuff, one by one the protagonists stop operating the trolley. What you need to do is go near the train to get him started with throwing things, and when he throws an umbrella, have Chief to catch it from the air.
- After catching the umbrella, use both Chief and Collegue on trolley again to speed it up and catch the train.
- As Chief, use the umbrella on the sleeping-car to board the train.


- This is a very straightforward timed puzzle. You need to use cows as stepping stones to cross the river. Observe when the moment seems to be such that there either is, or will be a path to the other side, and then cross the river.
- Switch to another brother and repeat.

Waiting for the right moment to pass.Waiting for the right moment to pass.


- As Collegue, pick up the pick.
- Use the pick on the fence.
- Pick up a stone.
- Throw the stone in trousers.
- Use the pick on the fence again.
- Pick up another stone.
- Switch to Chief and throw another stone in trousers.
- Use clothes-line to climb up.
- Switch to Collegue and use the clothes-line.
- Switch to Chief and pull up the clothes-line.
- Use the clothes-line to swing to the castle.
- Switch to Collegue and use the clothes-line to swing to the castle.


- As Chief, use the blue cable.
- Switch to Collegue and take two bananas from the room that is now lit up.
- Switch to Chief and pick up the banana skin that is nearer to the stove.
- Use the red cable.
- Switch to Collegue and open the trash chute hatch.
- Open the box near the wall.
- Pick up machine-gun.
- Use the machine-gun on Sumo.
- Pick up the undercooked cat from the air.