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Professor Neely and the Death Ray of Doom walkthrough

Professor Neely and the Death Ray Of Doom


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for Professor Neely and the Death Ray Of Doom.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.



- Watch the cutscene that tells the background story.
- There is a maill box (sic!) in front of the house, use lid to open it.
- Look at maill or take maill to get opend maill (sic!) and fake credit card.
- Go to pathway on the left side of the house.
- Take magnet.
- Take can of nails to get tin can and nales (sic!).
- Return to front yard.
- Go to side porch.
- Use magnet with old key to get the key.
- Return to front yard.
- Use key with old door to open it.
- Use fake credit card with old door to open it.
- Watch the cutscene.

- Take old mop to get mop.
- Take ball of twine to get twine.
- Take bottle of vinegar to get vinegar.
- Take box of baking soda to get baking soda.
- Use magnet with mop to get magnet poll (sic!).
- Use magnet poll on key to get old key.
- Use old key on set of bars to open the cell door.
- Put baking soda in the feeder.
- Pour vinegar in the feeder.
- Talk to Egore about everything.

- Walk right to get to the central hall that leads to all rooms in the house.
- Go to the basement and try to open the door using security panel.
- Look at dangerous fuse box and exposed wire.
- Return to the central hall.
- Look at painting over an access to a hallway.
- Go to the hallway to find two doors.
- Try to open the doors and study how they are like.
- Return to kitchen.
- Try to talk to Egore.
- Egore wants you to kill bugs, so start looking for bugs running on the floor and click on them to kill them. They can be in all accessible rooms inside the house. Note that there isn't any hotspot marker when you move mouse over them.
- Talk to Egore again about everything. If you go through all available conversations (especially about rooms) you will get bathrom key (sic!).
- Go back to the central area.

- Go upstairs and enter the bedroom.
- Use dresser to open it.
- Take lab coat.
- Use odd wallpaper to uncover an air duct.

Hidden air duct location.Hidden air duct location.
- Take Jacob's latter (sic!) that is next to the bed to get Jacobs lader (sic!) in the inventory.
- Use Jacobs lader with the air duct.
- Go back to the basement.
- Take Jacob's latter to get electrode.
- Take pointy shard to get shard.
- Use electrode with exposed wire to create electrical generator.

- Go back to the hallway with two locked doors.
- Use bathrom key with the left door to open it. Go inside.
- Take shower curtain to get curten (sic!) and rod.
- Go to the hallway to the other locked door.
- Use switch.
- Use rod with malfutiong door (sic!) to make it jamed door (sic!).
- Enter the study room.
- Look at planer (sic!), use or take also work here.
- Take diary from the lowest shelf of the bookshelf.
- Look at diary and read through all entries to get pass code.
- Look at painting above fier (sic!).
- Use painting to open a safe behind it.
- Take shoping list (sic!) to get list. Look at it to read it through.
- Use painting to close the safe.
- Use shard on painting to get picture.
- Go to the central area.
- Use twine with nales to get grapling hook (sic!).
- Use grapling hook with painting to tear it partially down.
- Take tear from the floor to get picture.
- Go to kitchen.

- Use list on controll panle (sic!) that is attached to the refrigerator (sic!).
- Take death ray blueprints from the food delivery duct.
- You can use controll panle to get some random inventory items if you like.
- Go back to the basement.
- Use lab coat with picture to get disguise.
- Use security panel.
- Enter the laboratory and watch a short cutscene.
- Use diary on Dr. Spliner.
- Use death ray blueprints with insidious machine part.
- Watch the cutscene and credits.

The game is finished!The game is finished!