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NES Quest walkthrough

NES Quest


About this walkthrough

This is a complete walkthrough for NES Quest.

Using this walkthrough will get you through the game with the least amount of time and wandering around, but may spoil the game and fun of exploring.

Items which can be picked up as inventory items and items which can be constructed by combining or using other items are written with bold text for emphasis.



- Open the door and exit the room. Go downstairs and leave the house.
- Go to geek place.
- Give broken NES to Mr. T.
- Leave and go to Memorial park.
- Look at flyer in the trashcan.
- Walk to the street.

- Go to tech store.
- Give broken NES to technician.
- Open metallic cupboard. You get automatically bra.
- Pick up mop.
(- If you want to play Nintendo Game&Watch, talk to Chunk. It is not needed to complete the game, but is optional fun.)
- Leave tech store.

- Go to geek place.
- Talk to Mr T. about new Ricoh circuit to learn what he wants in exchange for it.
- Pick up light saber from the shelf.
- Pick up chinese food from trash full of junk to get smelly outdated food.
- Leave and go back home.

- Pick up coin that is lying on the carpet.

Location of the coin.Location of the coin.
- Pick up melon from the living room table.
- Go upstairs to your room.
- Pick up photocamera.
- Use light saber with piggy bank.
- Pick up coins from the broken piggy bank to get 29 coins.
- Exit the room and enter the bathroom.

- Pick up makeup set.
- Use makeup set with melon to get melon with makeup.
- Use mop with melon with makeup to get melon face.
- Use melon face with bathrobe to make sister's replica.
- Use photocamera with sister's replica to get photo of fake sister.
- Exit bathroom, go outside and go to geek place.

- Give photo of fake sister to Mr. T to get Ricoh CPU.
- Leave and go to tech store.
- Give Ricoh CPU to technician.
- Leave tech store and go to Memorial park.

- Talk to old woman.
- Push bush to search for and find the wallet, the correct bush is upper left.
- Give wallet to old woman to get a bill of 20 which Jun the bully immediately takes.
- Pick up small rock next to the monument.

Location of the small rock.Location of the small rock.
- Go to the other side of the monument and talk to Matt about Jun the bully. A new location, back alley, will become accessible.
- Leave the park and go to back alley.

- Take broken slingshot from Jun's stuff while he is facing the graffiti on the wall.
- Use bra with broken slingshot to get slingbra.
- Use rock with smelly outdated food to get heavy projectile.
- Use heavy projectile with slingbra to get loaded slingbra.
- Use loaded slingbra with Jun the bully.
- Pick up bill.
- Walk to street and go back to tech store.

- Give coin, 29 coins, and bill of 20 to technician and you will automatically exit the store.
- Go back in, talk to technician and he will ask for a NES cartridge.
- Leave tech store and go back home.
- Open kitchen door and talk to mum in the kitchen and try to convince her to allow you to access the locked cupboard.
- If you can't solve the conversation puzzle, the correct choices are: "Mum can I ask you a favor please?", "Can you please open the cupboard?",  "It's a matter of life and death!!!", "My NES is broken, I need a game to test it please.".
- Talk to mum in the kitchen again and she will give fish food to feed the fish with.

- Go upstairs, give fish food to Jason the fish (or use fish food with fishtank).
- Go downstairs again, talk to mum in the kitchen, and she will give cupboard key.
- Use cupboard key with cupboard.
- Pick up games in cupboard to get a NES game.
- Go outside and return to tech store.
- Give NES game to technician.
- Watch the cutscene.

The game is finished!The game is finished!